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Why The Passion

I have been a car fanatic since I was a kid. From the old classics with that infamous 4-barrel sound to everything new with all the tech that sometimes takes us months to figure out.  Before I started Checklist, I would drive my wife nuts when it came time to buy a new auto. The amount of hours I put into the process of understanding the different options and packages of ones on our short list was staggering for some of our new purchases. I sometimes changed vehicles frequently just so I could start the process over. As daunting as it was at times, I loved doing the research and the digging… I can’t say the same for my wife. 

I frequently help family, friends, and whoever needs assistance because I would prefer they not overlook something they didn’t think of or worse, overpay.

(As crazy as it sounds but)

 I had often thought of starting a dealership with a concierge buying approach and now I am living that crazy little dream that started when I was that car-loving kid who couldn’t ask enough questions! 

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